SLICES                                    (all slices come from our 24")

PIZZA BY THE SLICE $2.25 (each topping $0.35)

           LUNCH SPECIALS $5.75 each         CHOOSE ANY TWO with A DRINK 

1 slice cheese

 1 dinner salad

 4 wings

3 breadsticks

3 cheesebread sticks

(each additional topping $.35)

(substitute small caeser salad for $.50 more)


anchovies                           mozzarella

artichoke hearts                mushrooms

bacon                                 onion

bell peppers                      parmesan

black olives                       pepperoni

cheddar                             pineapple

chicken                              red onion

feta                                      ricotta

                   garlic                                 roasted red peppers

green chili                         sausage

ground beef                      spinach

        ham                            sundried tomatoes

jalapenos                          tomatoes